Wason Center Surveys

2017 Wason Center Surveys

  • November 6: Horse race numbers in Virginia statewide races from Tracker #4.
  • October 27: Horse race numbers in Virginia statewide races from Tracker #3.
  • October 17: Horse race numbers in Virginia statewide races from Tracker #2.
  • October 9: Horse race numbers in Virginia statewide races from Tracker #1.
  • September 26: The 'Trump Effect' and the 'Robert E. Lee Effect' in the Virginia governor's race.
  • September 25: Northam leads Gillespie by 6% in contest for Virginia governor; Libertarian Hyra has 4%, with 8% undecided
  • April 5: Public Opinion & Environmental Policy in the Commonwealth; Views of Virginia Voters in 2017
  • March 29: Gillespie ties Northam, Perriello in fall matchup; both Democrats beat Republicans Wagner, Stewart
  • March 28: Gillespie leads GOP contest for Virginia governor; Northam, Perriello tied for Democrats' nomination
  • February 2: Gillespie, Northam lead party races for governor; voters back ACA repeal, pot reform, bathroom bill

2016 Wason Center Surveys

  • December 15: The Cost of Retiring in Virginia; Estimating the Fiscal Benefits of a Work and Save Plan on State Expenditures for Retirees
  • November 7: Clinton holds 6-point lead over Trump in Virginia, 48-42, powered by women, Millennials and Northern Virginia
  • October 28: Clinton's lead over Trump drops to 7 points in Virginia as holdout voters move toward major party candidates
  • October 21: Trump recovers slightly from 'Access Hollywood' low, but Clinton still holds 12-point lead among Va. voters
  • October 16: Clinton expands lead over Trump to 15 points, 44-29, after 'Access Hollywood' tape release and 2nd debate
  • October 3: Clinton's lead in Virginia edges up after debate, 42-35, gaining support among Independents and Millennials
  • September 28: Virginia voters rate Clinton over Trump on policy issues; Democrats prefer Scott for Senate if Kaine becomes VP
  • September 26: Clinton has significant lead among likely Virginia voters; 53% say Trump is racist, but 54% wouldn't trust Clinton
  • August 30: Morrissey leads crowded contest for Richmond mayor; voters sour on current City Council and School Board
  • April 7: If Trump is nominee, many Va. Republicans will defect; Clinton suffer no such 'loyalty gap' among Democrats
  • February 16: Trump leads GOP field, with Rubio and Cruz next; Clinton leads Sanders among Virginia Democrats
  • February 11: Voters back hospitals' bid to expand Medicaid; reject 'religious freedom' case not to serve gays; gun control moves voters to swing in Virginia

2015 Wason Center Surveys

  • December 31: Virginia Millennials Come of Age -  Social, Economic and Political Traits of the Generation Shaping the Commonwealth’s Future
  • October 12: Clinton top choice among Virginia Democrats, but Biden performs better against Republicans
  • July 30: Commonwealth of Contrasts - A Political Typology of the Virginia Electorate
  • April 27: Bush tops Clinton in battleground Virginia; Republican 2016 field still largely wide open, while Democrats rally strongly around Clinton
  • February 12: In battleground Virginia, Clinton beating all Republicans in 2016 presidential matchups; GOP voters divided, with Bush up, Christie down
  • January 27: Virginians think McDonnell prison sentence fair; back gift ban, redistricting reform, reporting campus rape to police, looser marijuana laws
  • January 15: South Hampton Roads Midtown and Downtown Tunnels Tolls Survey - Part II: Post-Tolling Report and Findings

2014 Wason Center Surveys

  • October 31: Warner leads Gillespie, 51-44, as election nears; likely voters say attack ads have not swayed them
  • October 7: Gillespie gains, but Warner holds solid 51-39 lead; voters favor Warner over Gillespie on issues
  • September 25: Virginia voters back U.S. military strikes on ISIS, support deployment to fight Ebola virus in Africa, but foreign policy views show strong partisan split
  • September 19: Redskins should keep name, say Virginia voters; strong bipartisan majority say it’s not offensive
  • September 17: Virginia voters support Medicaid expansion but worry about the feds paying their share, and doubt Special Session will accomplish anything
  • September 10: Warner holds big lead over Gillespie, built on Democratic base plus ‘Warner Conservatives’
  • September 9: Virginians strongly agree with McDonnell verdict; majority want stiffer ethics rules as a result